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    The Office-Pack features the B.


      BEMER VET is a very lightweight and easy to use horse therapy blanket with a separate applicator for legs or neck that has the BEMER signal woven in (like the spacesuits for the astronauts).

        The first product is the Bemer Pro Set and it costs a total of $5990.


          . Bemer Medicintechnika Kft.

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              Covers Bodily Injury, Medical Payments, Damage to Premises, Lawsuits, Personal & Advertising. SCAN (funkció ellenőrző) B.

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                The Parmeds home system is $3,500 for 70 Gauss for the whole body pad and 200 Gauss for the smaller applicator.

                Michael R.


                | Tel: +36 1 415-08-84 | info@bemer.

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                GRIP (tartómodul).

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                Bemer 3000+ PLUS - Full Pro Set ( PEMF ) Pam May 30, 2022.

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                The BEMER is of benefit for any condition where an improved micro-circulation can make all the difference.

                BOX Professional innehåller det här setet fyra applikatorer, en signaltestare och sju tillbehör.

                All the while being easy to apply - you can literally use them in your sleep.

                It is best to consult a medical professional who is familiar with BEMER therapy.

                Bemer 3000 Pemf Mat.


                It ensures that the BEMER signal field reaches all neuralgic points on the animal's body.

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                The BEMER is of benefit for any condition where an improved micro-circulation can make all the difference.

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                The BEMER Pro Set The perfect solution for the discerning private household and for everyday professional medical practice.

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                In addition to its revolutionary control unit, the BEMER Pro Set includes a comprehensive set of application modules and accessories.

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                Body applicator for full-body application.

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                At IBM, he developed: PRINT I (the first load-and-go computer method),.

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                This set includes two applicators, a signal tester and four accessories, apart from the B.